The Nene Valley Astronomical Society exists to promote and encourage astronomy in the area of East Northamptonshire. Whether you have just started to look up into the night sky or are more experienced, everyone is welcome.

Our main activities centre around our two monthly meetings held at Chelveston Village Hall, Caldecott Road, Chelveston. These are generally held on the first and third Monday of each month (with Bank Holiday’s excepted) and commence at 8pm.

Our first Monday meeting is generally our Club Night which is a more informal evening where group members share their recent observations and experience and a specific topic discussed (telescopes, imaging, observing etc). A quarterly Sky Guide is also given at these meetings looking ahead to events to watch out for.

Our meeting on the third Monday of the month usually sees a visiting guest speaker give a presentation on a specific topic. In the past these have ranged from themes such as the Hubble Space Telescope and Binocular Astronomy.

In addition to our meetings, we also have the use of Chelveston Village Hall for observing evenings. These are currently on hold, but will be returning in early 2023!

A regular monthly newsletter ‘The Nene Valley Astronomical Society’ Stargazer is produced and sent via email to members. As well as the usual society news and announcements, a Sky Guide is included along with the occasional short article. Contributions to the Stargazer are welcomed from all.

Occasional other events for members are sometimes arranged. These include extra observing sessions and visits to other astronomical institutions, such as the Open University Observatory in Milton Keynes.

If you’d like to find out more about the society or have any questions then please come along to any of our events or alternatively email us at