About Us

The inaugural meeting of the society was held on 6th April 2009 at the Friends Meeting House in Wellingborough following advanced publicity on the Stargazers Lounge web site, the local press and in local libraries. Eight people attended the first meeting and it was decided to officially form the society with the aim to encourage observation of the night sky.

Our events and meetings are organised directly by our members for members ensuring that whatever your experience or prior knowledge the society will be able to cater for you. Since our first meeting, membership has grown steadily and we continue to attract newcomers ranging from experienced amateur astronomers to those with a casual interest.

Regular meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at Sudborough Village Hall, Main Street, Sudborough and on the third Monday of the month at Chelveston Village Hall. Both venues are particularly suited to practical observation of the night sky and whenever clear skies prevail on these evenings a congregation of telescopes soon appears outside the venue. Meetings start at 8.00pm.

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In addition to our meetings, we arrange additional observing sessions regularly (Star Nights), publish an e-newsletter and have a small library of books and magazines for you to borrow at meetings. The group also has a 6-inch Dobsonian and 4.5 inch equatorial reflecting telescopes available for monthly hire by members of the society.

Rather than fund the society through an (often expensive) up front subscription, we ask for a nominal payment at each meeting you attend. We believe that this is a much fairer way of running a society and ensures that you only fund those events which you are able to attend. The Nene Valley Astronomical Society also does not believe in accruing money in the bank – any surplus which is made at meetings is quickly ploughed back into the society for the benefit of our members.

If you would like to be part of the Nene Valley Astronomical Society then why not come along to one of our meetings – a warm and friendly welcome is assured. If you would like any further details then please e-mail our Secretary, Steve Williams at astrosteveuk@yahoo.co.uk who will be pleased to answer any questions.