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The Moore Winter Marathon



For the coming weeks, we’re encouraging NVAS members to partake in ‘The Moore Winter Marathon’ at the groups observing sessions, as featured on BBC TV’s October The Sky At Night programme.


‘The Moore Winter Marathon’ consists of a total of 50 objects to observe, 25 of which are classed as Naked Eye/Binocular objects, with the second 25 being telescopic objects.  The list consists of a variety of objects ranging from naked eye constellations, stars and asterisms to distant galaxies and offers something for everyone. Some of the objects may already be familiar friends whilst others may be new sights sought for the first time.


Given clear skies at our observing sessions, we hope to complete the full list of 50 objects over the next few weeks.   A list of all 50 objects is below, however if you would like to download the full observing guides, written and illustrated by Pete Lawrence, the web links are:

Naked Eye/Binocular List: Click Here

Telescopic Object List: Click Here


Naked Eye/Binocular List:

  1. Pleiades star cluster In Taurus
  2. Hyades cluster in Taurus (Caldwell 44)
  3. Triangulum Galaxy (M33)
  4. M35 cluster in Gemini
  5. Beehive Cluster (M44) in Cancer
  6. Messier 67 cluster in Cancer
  7. Jupiter
  8. Messier 36 cluster in Auriga
  9. Messier 37 cluster in Auriga
  10. Messier 38 cluster in Auriga
  11. Messier 41 cluster in Canis Major
  12. Messier 50 cluster in Monoceros
  13. The Celestial ‘G’
  14. Messier 34 in Perseus
  15. Alpha Persei Moving Cluster
  16. Theta Tauri – double star
  17. Kemble’s Cascade in Camelopardalis
  18. Double Cluster in Perseus (Caldwell 14)
  19. The constellation of Fornax
  20. The Pi’s of Orion
  21. Messier 48 cluster in Hydra
  22. Orion’s Sword
  23. Lambda Tauri – variable star
  24. M93 open cluster in Puppis
  25. Orion’s Belt (Collinder 70 cluster)



Telescopic List:

26.Crab Nebula (M1) in Taurus

27. Messier 77 galaxy in Cetus

28. Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

29. Little Dumbbell (M76) in Perseus

30. Eskimo Nebula in Gemini (Caldwell 39)

31. Flaming Star Nebula in Auriga (Caldwell 31)

32. Fish’s Mouth, part of Orion Nebula

33. Trapezium Cluster in Orion Nebula

34. Hind’s Crimson Star (R Leporis)

35. Owl Cluster in Cassiopeia (Caldwell 13)

36. Caldwell 50 cluster in Monoceros

37. Gamma Arietis, binary star

38. M78 nebula in Orion

39. Hubble’s Variable Nebula (Caldwell 46)

40. Messier 74 galaxy in Pisces

41. NGC 604 nebula in Messier 33

42. Beta Monocerotis – triple star

43. NGC 1647 cluster in Taurus

44. M79 globular cluster in Lepus

45. NGC 1535 planetary nebula in Eridanus

46. NGC 1514 planetary nebula in Taurus

47. NGC 2232 cluster in Monoceros

48. Caldwell 56 planetary nebula in Cetus

49. Mirach’s Ghost, NGC 404

50. Messier 52 cluster in Cassiopeia


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M45 - The Pleiades Star Cluster - Object 1

M1 - The Crab Nebula - Object 26

M74 - Galaxy In Pises - Object 40