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The Orion Star Count 2011
Monday 31 January – Sunday 6 February
The Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) and the Campaign for Dark Skies are asking people across the
United Kingdom to take part in our star count week.   We want to find out which part of the country has the darkest skies –
where the most stars can be seen.

By taking part in our star count you will be helping us to highlight the problem of light pollution which is spoiling the natural
beauty of the night sky.

How to do your star count
You can choose any night during the week, one where there is no haze so you have the best chance of seeing stars. It will get
dark from 7.00pm.

We are asking people to count stars within the constellation of Orion to the west. The main area of the constellation is bounded
by four bright stars. Your star count should not include these four corner stars – only those within this rectangular
boundary – but do include the stars in the middle known as Orion's three-star belt

Make a count of the number of stars you can see with the naked eye (not with telescopes). Complete our survey form so we
can plot the results on our star count map which we will publish on our website.
You can either complete the survey on line by using this link:
or alternatively download a form from:
and return your completed form to:
Star Count
Campaign for Dark Skies
38 The Vineries
BH21 2PX