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Eagle's Eye
Dave Eagle rounds up sky events for March 2011.

The Planets:

The Moon:
New Moon:     March 4th
First Quarter:  March 12th
Full Moon:       March 19th
Last Quarter:  March 26th
The Moon will be close to Venus on March 1st,  Jupiter on March 6th & 7th,
the Pleiades and Hyades on March 11th and Saturn on March 20th.
Mercury - visible in the evening western sky after sunset as a -0.1 magnitude
object in the twilight.  It will be visible from the middle to the end of March.
Jupiter points the way as it will be close to this rapidly moving planet on
the evenings of March 15th and 16th.
Venus - still very bright at magnitude -4 in the south-eastern sky before dawn.
Now very low to the horizon, but still easily seen as it is so bright.  Now
showing a gibbous phase through a telescope, but the size of the disc is
now quite small.
Mars - stays too close to the Sun this month, so is hidden in the glare of the
Jupiter - now rapidly slipping into the evening twilight and by the end of
the month will be all but lost from view.
Saturn - visible after midnight in Virgo, moving slowly retrograde.  Pre-dawn
observations will see the planet at its highest making for better observing
to catch fine detail in the rings and cloud belts.  The white storm is now
stretching around the planet, so keep an eye out for it.
Uranus - now too close to the twilight to be seen this month.
Neptune - like Uranus, is now too close to the twilight to be seen this month.
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