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Welcome to StargazingLIVE 2012!


The Nene Valley Astronomical Society is once again pleased to be a

partner organisation of the BBC Stargazing Live.


On the three consecutive evenings beginning on 16th January, the BBC Stargazing LIVE event will be broadcast on BBC2.   Presented by Dara O'Briain and Brian Cox, the programmes take a popular look at stargazing and how to get involved.  In order to bring the event to as many people as possible, the BBC has teamed up with local astronomical societies around the country to offer the chance to find out more and have a look through a telescope at some of the objects that will be discussed on the programmes.  The Nene Valley Astronomical Society is a partner organisation offering events in the East Northamptonshire area.


Nene Valley Astronomical Society Stargazing Live Events

Thursday 19th January

'Unveiling The Universe' - a multi-media tour around our solar system, the star clusters of the Milky Way Galaxy out to the furthest known galaxies on the edge of the universe.  This will be followed by an observing session using the telescopes of the society. 
Sudborough Village Hall, Main Street, Sudborough NN14 3BX at 8.00pm.
Admission Free
Friday 20th January
'Unveiling The Universe' - a repeat of the previous evening however this time we will be at Chelveston.
Chelveston Village Hall, Caldecott Road, Chelveston NN9 6AT at 8.00pm.
Admission Free 
Friday 27th January
'The Winter Night Sky' an observing session around the night sky using telescopes.  Please note that this event is entirely taking place outside and is therefore subject to weather conditions.
Chelveston Village Hall, Caldecott Road, Chelveston NN9 6AT at 8.00pm.
Admission Free